Drey Ricks explains watching game film is a part of the game that goes  unappreciated, especially by young players. There’s so much that can come out of watching  game film, whether it’s learning your game, analyzing an offense or defense, or studying each  and every move of your opponent.  
Drey Ricks
Drey Ricks | The Importance of Studying Game Film For Young Athletes
It’s often practiced at all levels of basketball from high school to the professional level but  taken more seriously at the collegiate and professional levels. Drey Ricks stresses analyzing and breaking down your own game is very important. It can  separate a good player from a great player.   Drey Ricks, “It’s imperative to know what you’re really good at and where  you need to strive to make improvements. Pay attention to things like your help defense, the  release point of your shot, sprinting back on defense, and things of that nature. When you get  better at the little nuances of the game, you’ll be surprised by the major impact it makes.”