Drey Ricks stresses the importance of developing basketball IQ from an early age, no matter how long an athlete intends to play the game. During the course of a players basketball career, instilling the correct values and definitions plays a major role in the success of a players career.

Drey Ricks
Drey Ricks | Recognizes The Importance of Being a Student of The Game

The foundation of being an educated basketball player and having a developed IQ is what separates good players from great player.  Basketball education is not solely confined to the dimensions of the court or restricted to the walls of the locker room. Drey Ricks identifies basketball education as understanding the impact the players, plays, coaches and leaders has on the game.

Players owe it to themselves to become knowledgeable and spread that knowledge and understanding to those they come in contact with.  Basketball education is a way of life, it’s a choice great players make to dedicate themselves to the game and all it has to offer. Drey Ricks stresses a developed IQ truly is power.